130323 – Monday at Sea

It occurs to us that this cruise has a different demographic than other cruises we have been on. This cruise is more “geriatric” — there are some really old people on this cruise — and it is more sparsely populated than any other cruise we have taken.  BUT we are nevertheless enjoying it very much.  The weather has been 71 degrees and sunny up until this afternoon when we had a short squall which dropped copious rain on the front window of the horizon dining room (looking directly forward from the 14th deck) for about 10 minutes.  There are a very few white caps around but the ship is still smooth sailing.

This morning we walked a mile before breakfast — which is 2.8 times around Deck 7 (the Promenade deck).  It was sunshiny and humid so we went in to breakfast in the Horizon buffet rather sticky.  Fortunately, the air conditioning dries one off in 20 minutes or so.

We did some reading today in the Lotus Spa (faux Chinese Garden) area which was very pleasant.  We came back to the room and had showers in our bathroom — the best shower I’ve had on a cruise ship because (since we have a mini-suite) it is over a small (but deep) tub rather than a stall shower — as with the other cruises we have taken.

We had some lunch about 3:30PM on deck near the Lido pool — a couple of slices of pizza with a salad from the Horizon buffet next door.  Very nice.  Perfect weather.  Just beautiful.  Then we went back to the Lotus area to read some more.  It’s always reading and snoozing intermixed….

We then explored to see if there is a place we can sit aft on the ship to watch the wake of the ship.  On our Alaskan Cruise we were able to do that, but this ship has only one location where that is possible — the “Sanctuary” — it it costs $20 for four hours to be in there.  Maybe later…

After exploring around for a while we landed back in the Horizon Dining Room — all the way forward — where we could see the oncoming storm.  We had a snack and beverage.  While we were there Sylvia engaged conversation with an older English Gent at the next table and we talked for most of an hour about things British — mostly TV mysteries we had all watched (Morse, Lewis, Barnaby, Foyle) and other things.    It was one of those conversations one only has on a cruise.  Very interesting….

Right now it’s raining on our balcony so we’ll get ready to go to dinner in about an hour.  We go about 7:30PM— last night we were there two hours; Sylvia will report on that.  We might catch a show at 10PM or just go listen to Syvia’s new friend, Funch, in the Crooner Bar.   Whatever…it’s all good….


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