150322 – Making home away from home…

Today we spent quite a lot of time looking around the ship to get our bearings.  We found this Chinese-style secluded spot with green upholstered chaise lounges.  We may want to spend some time there — it seemed quiet and out of the way.  We stumbled into the gym area and oriented ourselves for use of the treadmills tomorrow.  We slept like logs until late and only made it up to the Horizon Court for breakfast around 11AM.  Not  too heavy on the breakfast…some muesli, scrambled eggs and a bagel — juice and hot chocolate.  We were way forward in the dining room and could see the ocean spread before us on all sides.  It all felt so good and peaceful in a way.

Since it’s the sabbath, I tried to get a little of that feeling by listening to the Tab Choir’s “Heavensong” and pondering my verse of the day “Have I not commanded thee?  Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest (Joshua 1:9)  Since we’re going places, this is a nice promise to ponder.

In the middle of the day we moved into our stateroom buy emptying suitcases into drawers and closets.  I “thought” I could hose the Mac Air into the flat-screen TV with HDMI, but, lo, unlike my MacBook Pro and MacMini, this Air does not have an HDMI output so we can’t port our 48 movies (with us) to the TV.  Too bad…  Anyhow, the stateroom felt much nicer after the suitcases were under the bed and all the electronics were doing what they do.

We took a nap for an hour — still lagging from the red-eye flight, I guess.

There was a new (EFFY) Jewelry Store opening on deck 6, so we went to check that out and bought some souvenir pendants for grand daughters.  Jim had a hot dog while watching a Billy Joel Shea Stadium concert on the outside (huge) screen.  I tried my hand at a panoramic picture, but decided it would be better taken in the morning.  We had a tropical mocktail at a bar on 5 and then came back to the room to read “Rough Stone Rolling” on our balcony.  Weather nice.  Breezes balmy to coolish.  Getting ready now for “formal night” where we’ll go to dinner in the Bordeaux Dining Room for the first time, check out Funch in the piano bar, then come back to the room for a movie.


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