120608 Meeting Louise

Meeting Louise was one of the top highlights of the trip. Louise lives in Ascot, England. The reason we know each other at all is because we somehow got paired up in a game called Words With Friends, an application on our iPhones. We have been getting acquainted over the past year by texting within the game and now we were meeting for the first time, face to face. Here’s how this hard to believe event happened:

Jim and I started planning our trip to Northern Europe (the Baltic cruise and the road trip throughout Germany), about six months before we boarded the ship. I began to tell Louise how excited I was to be going on this trip of a lifetime and how happy to be traveling to her side of the ocean, to many of the countries with which she is familiar.  All this was texting each other within the WWF game. While I babbled on about the cities we would be visiting she shared her knowledge of these cities and the areas we would be visiting.  During these texting exchanges Louise and I both broached the idea of possibly connecting somewhere along the way.  Figuring out this meeting was not a simple matter, but we brought it to pass. We set the time (5 PM) and place (Hamburg, Germany).  

We met in the lobby of a beautiful hotel. We exchanged truly happy greetings. The three of us walked to a restaurant down a few streets and around the corner in a Hamburg drizzle.  From the time we met we talked nonstop until late Friday night. We picked up the conversation where we’d left off during breakfast and continued our conversation until Jim and I had to go.  We enjoyed so much the few hours we had together with Louise. We talked about everything from A to Z. At least as many letters of the alphabet as we could fit into the time we had which was much too short!  She has become a special friend. All because of an iPhone word game. (See attached picture)

We made plans to meet her in England in a couple of years when Jim and I, hopefully, take a trip to Great Britain. Louise has promised to show us around a bit. She lives near the area of Midsomer Murder filming. We are great fans of this program and we look forward to touring the MM areas as much as going to Cornwall. (That would be me that wants to go to Cornwall. It is the setting for many of Rosamunde Pilcher’s novels which I’ve read.)  Ascot is also commuting distance to London. There she will introduce us to HRH the Queen of England. Okay. We will be introduced to one of the guards at the gate of Buckingham Palace. Okay. Maybe not.

We said goodbye the next morning, promising to meet again sooner than later. We caught a taxi and we were off to the train station. Farewell to Hamburg and the rest of Germany. . .for the time being.


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